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Anise oil

Product Number:0012

Composition:The grain of the main components in the brain, anisic aldehyde and eucalyptus evvh, linalyl oil, anise acid methyl ester, etc.

Application Range:Used in food, medicine and chemical industry, etc.

Product Description:

Anise oil.

Star anise or anise, aniseed, Magnoliaceae Illicium, evergreen trees. Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou, Yunnan and other provinces of China are also active in the world. Water vapor distillation of star anise fruit, star anise oil; distillation mature fruit dry, oil rate is 8% ~ 12%; fruit Shide oil rate to 2% to 3%.

Product Features:

1, traits

Colorless to pale yellow oily liquid, with the characteristics of the big star aroma, sweet taste. The main ingredients for the brain. Other components of anisaldehyde, cineole, camphor oil, methyl anisate.

2, specifications

Relative density (20) 0.986 ~ 0.994

The refractive index (20 C) 1.553 ~ 1.558

Optical rotation (25 DEG C) 1 ~ ~ ~ 1

Freezing point (15 ~ 18)

Product Usage:
The product is mainly used for refining anethole and further synthesis of anisaldehyde and anisic alcohol and a variety of flavor compounds, also used for seasoning spice, and its essential oil usually as agent gum flavor. Widely used in toothpaste, tooth powder flavor and wine, also for candy, beverage, a sweetener. Used medicinally, carminative, antitussive excited.
Production Flow: