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Star Star oil is a kind of strong technical, no chemical instrument is not easy to identify the aromatic oil. Current production or by the acquisition of the acquisition of the eye, nose and smell to identify the quality of the star.

1, purity: pumping sample into a small white glass bottle, color is transparent and yellowish, then the nose smell the flavor is strong anise scented, there is no other abnormal odor. Then don't stop shaking, from how much foam, presumably the purity of anise oil. In general, the more the more the better. This method is suitable for producing experienced agricultural fennel and acquisition member. But the lack of experience is difficult to accurately judge.

2, water: star anise oil than water light, oil on top, moisture sink at the bottom, to check the bottom of the container is moisture and impurities, desirable a diameter of 1 - 2 cm of the glass tube, cover the top with a finger pressed, into the bottom of the container after release the fingers, oil and water into the glass tube, then pressed to live at the upper end of the glass tube is pulled out, such as moisture, impurities or sediment. And in the glass tube can easily check it out.

3, check the doping of kerosene method: Mountain masses tend to take coal oil to oil loading, resulting in the star anise oil seep complex kerosene, this kind of phenomenon, in addition to the use of sensitive sense of smell can smell out, can also be a little star anise oil slowly to note in the vessel, if thrown up the white foam and spread quickly, and soon disappeared, which shows there is no impurity doping kerosene; if the foam of blue, slowly disappear, inside the seepage of kerosene.

4, with the standard oil sample and comparative identification will be standard samples and testing samples are compared with each other, such as color, taste, and the number of bubbles, into a white vials kept shaking to observe, this is the result of judge whether conforms to the standard sample. This method is a simple method of identification, simple and easy.